Old Alamo Creek Restoration Project

pc200011Volunteers from the Dixon 4-H club and other community members planted 1,000s ofˇnative creeping wild rye grass plugs that will reduce soil erosion on steep creek banks. Funded by the City of Vacaville?s Waste Water Treatment Plant, the Old Alamo Creek Restoration Project is restoring riparian habitat along Old Alamo Creek, which runs eastward from Vacaville, through agricultural lands and the small community of Elmira. Along much of its length, Old Alamo Creek is overgrown with invasive weeds, including Himalayan blackberry, Tree of Heaven, and Arundo. These invasive species have displaced native plants and reduced habitat quality for fish and wildlife.

We've worked to remove invasive plants and in-stream debris and revegetate the creek's banks with native plants to help stabilize stream banks and reduce erosion. This work will also improve water quality and habitat, and enhance the aesthetics of the waterway.

img 1956The RCD is working to engage the people who live along Old Alamo Creek in this restoration effort. Public planting days are held each year, giving volunteers the opportunity to plant native trees, shrubs, grasses and sedges.

This work started in 2006, with sections of the creek targeted for each year. Restoration projects and ongoing maintenance is planned through 2013. If you would like to get involved with the Old Alamo Creek restoration project or would like more information, please contact: Katherine Holmesˇat 707-678-1655 ext 118ˇ or

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