Cache Slough Complex Delta Restoration Work

Cattle pasture field drainageCattle Pasture Drainage September of 2012 marked the start of a 2.5 year grant from the Department of Water Resources to improve water quality and enhance habitat for wildlife in the Cache Slough region of South Eastern Solano County. The grant was awarded to support a conservation vision jointly devised by the Solano Resource Conservation District, Dixon Resource Conservation District, Reclamation District 2068, and the local landowners within the area of the Delta referred to as the Cache Slough Complex.  The project has two main components: non-native invasive species removal and habitat enhancement and restoration.

The invasive weed projects will include the mapping and control of Giant Reed (Arundo donax) and Red Sesbania (Sesbania punicea) along numerous waterways in the Northwest Delta.

Invasive Giant Reed Arundo donaxInvasive Giant Reed (Arundo donax)The riparian restoration work will focus on the Hastings Cut waterway that physically connects Cache and Lindsay Slough. Our restoration team will install a wide assortment of native grasses, forbs, trees and shrubs across over a mile of waterway.  These re-vegetation efforts will be executed in concert with helping local landowners install key infrastructural improvements to their cattle pastures such as additional fencing and watering facilities, thus eliminating the need for livestock to access these sensitive waterways.   

Over the course of the grant, Solano RCD and our project partners will demonstrate practical and replicable conservation practices to benefit water, wildlife, and the surrounding agricultural community.

To learn more about this project, contact Miles DaPrato at 707-678-1655 x 120 or

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