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Wildfire Resources for Solano County Residents


Please sign up to join our list for a site visit and assessment for qualifying sites HERE.


Donate to Fire Recovery Now!

Solano RCD will be accepting donations for straw to assist our community members with getting a jump start at preparing for winter storms and run-off. 
Donated funds will be used to purchase rice straw for affected landowners. The straw will be staged at various locations throughout the burn area in Pleasant’s Valley and North Vacaville, and will be used by local agency staff working with landowners, for volunteer rice straw spreading events, and for landowners to use on slopes and other areas where erosion will be most prevalent. $250 pays for enough rice straw to cover one acre!

Click HERE to donate.



Here at Solano RCD we value our community and the important relationships we have fostered with rural landowners in our district. We understand the weight of the destruction of the LNC Lighting Complex fire and want to serve our community in any way we can. SRCD is partnering with Solano County, Farm Bureau and local RCDs including Napa, Yolo and Dixon, as well as USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service in Solano, Napa and Yolo counties so we can better serve our communities during this devastating wildfire season. We may not be able to assist with home or structure damage, but we will do our best to supply you with the information and resources you need to address native plant and erosion issues after impacts of a wildfire.
Some of these services include:
  • Site Visits and Conservation Plans – RCD staff, in partnership with NRCS, can come to your property and advise you on best practices moving forward to ensure healthy soil, habitat restoration and erosion control during post-wildfire recovery.
  • Connecting with the right program – NRCS and other federal and state partners have programs designed to assist rural landowner and agriculture operations with addressing erosion and other issues after natural disasters like wildfire. Some of these programs offer financial assistance in rebuilding infrastructure like fences, irrigation systems and livestock water stations. We can assist by evaluating your needs and connecting you with the right program to fit those needs


Additional Information Resources

  • NRCS "After the Fire" Best Management Practices HERE
  • USDA's Disaster Assitance Tool HERE
  • California Native Plant Society - Fire Recovery Guide
  • NRCS Catastrophic Wildfire Assistance pdf
  • NRCS After the Fire Seeding pdf
  • NRCS Fire Hazard Tree Removal pdf
  • UCANR - Recovering from Wildfirepdf
  • UCANR - Burned Oaks pdf
  • Cal Fire - After Wildfire Guide pdf
  • Cal Fire - Survival of Fire-Injured Conifers pdf

Additional Partner Resources

  • Solano County Farm Bureau HERE
  • Solano County HERE
  • Pleasants Valley Agriculture Association HERE
  • NRCS Vacaville Office: (707) 448-0106 ext. 3
  • Solano RCD: (707) 678-1655 ext. 106
  • Dixon RCD: (707) 678-1655 ext. 102
  • NRCS Napa Office: (707) 252-4189
  • Napa RCD: (707) 690-3111
  • NRCS Woodland Office: (530) 662-2037
  • Yolo RCD: (530) 661-1688

After the Fire Free Webinar

Check out this informative webinar from our partners at UC ANR, NRCS, FSA, Napa RCD and Yolo RCD. Our own Chris Rose has a cameo! Topics cover what to do (and not do) after a wildfire.

A Message from Our Partners at NRCS:

Post-fire recovery on your farm or ranch- call the “Second Responders”

We aren’t the ones you call when you need an evacuation shelter for your family or your livestock, and we can’t help put out the fires. Once the smoke clears and you need to figure out the road to recovery, there are resources you can call on.

USDA Farm Service Agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service is partnering with Solano and Dixon Resource Conservation Districts in Solano County, and Napa County Resource Conservation District in Napa, to offer on-site assistance to agricultural operations and rural landowners.

If your property was burned, we can come out to your farm or ranch. We’ll offer technical advice on the fire damage and help you think through options for any recovery actions that might be needed. We can’t help with burned structures like homes and barns, but we can work with you on damaged croplands, grazing lands, and forest lands.

We’ll provide you with common sense recommendations based on proven conservation practices.  If the solutions are beyond our capabilities, we’ll tell you that too, and help you find the resources you need.

For information sheets and videos on “After the Fire” best management practices, please visit https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/main/ca/newsroom/features/

We can link you to USDA disaster programs to help replace farm infrastructure that was lost to fire, such as fences, irrigation systems, and livestock water systems. If your ranch lost forage to the fire, or if you lost trees or vines to the fire, USDA programs can help. We can document the conditions and the losses on your farm for USDA program purposes on the site visit.

See which programs might work for you: https://www.farmers.gov/recover/disaster-tool

To request a physically-distanced site visit when it is safe to be out on the land again, call 707-448-0106 ext. 3 in Solano County; in Napa County call 707-252-4189; or email  

An online signup form to request a site visit will be coming soon-

For Solano County, please visit  https://www.solanorcd.org/resources/wildfire-resources.html

And in Napa County https://naparcd.org/resources-documents/fire/


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