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Petrolia, the Used Oil Avenger is settling into work in Solano County. She's working with students in Solano RCD's Watershed Explorers and Suisun Marsh Watershed Program, sharing her comic book and ideas to help protect County watersheds.

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Petrolia began her superhero career on the East Coast.  When she was just a small drop of oil, Petrolia was involved in a huge oil spill in the Chesapeake Bay that killed thousands of sea birds. Petrolia was horrified that people were so careless with oil, and vowed to make a difference. She started out small, stopping people from pouring their old oil down storm drains and teaching them that oil can always be recycled.

Although other superheroes are better known, Petrolia has quietly been keeping used oil out of the environment, protecting untold thousands of animals, plants and people. Bilgee (who works with Solano RCD at Lake Berryessa to help keep engine fluids out of the lake) met Petrolia several years ago at a Super Heroes conference in Colorado.  He conviced Petrolia to move to Solano County to help him protect lakes, creeks and streams.


Petrolia now has 2 comic book editions to share!

Click on the covers below to download either or both.

Petrolia Comic Book edition 1 Cover

 Are you curious about Petrolia's details? Last year, students in the Suisun Marsh Watershed Middle School Program and the Watershed Explorers 3rd Grade Program helped Petrolia design a super suit for her job in Solano County. The middle school students also helped brainstorm ideas for Petrolia's first comic book to introduce herself to the County. Petrolia spent the summer finalizing her costume design and having it made, and working with an artist to create her first comic book, which was published in August.

Since September, Petrolia has visited 9 schools and met 1,299 middle school students who represent every city in the County. We have it on good authority that she loves her job, and especially enjoys getting to know Petrolia Comic Volume 2 cover the students who are learning about watersheds and good stewardship. Petrolia is really looking forward to meeting the 2016 Watershed Explorers students in Winter and Fall.

petrolia and Deb with comic book-webYou can check out the classroom galleries of each of the Suisun Marsh Watershed Program classes who helped Petrolia design her costume and come up with comic book ideas by clicking on the classroom links in he Gallery listing below.

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Petrolia's Costume Design and Comic Book Idea Gallery


Petrolia is storing all the drawings and ideas generated by students in the 2014 Suisun Marsh Watershed Program on this page.  Click on a file to see the ideas the students in that classroom came up with.


Super Suit Design Ideas


Vaca Peña Middle School


Olson/Lee -7          Olson -7, period 4         Olson -7, period 1           Olson period 3         Olson -7, period 7


Crystal Middle School


Accettola -6      McCormick       Muluihill -6          Onick -6        Gill -6        Schneider -6


Orchard Elementary School


McGilvary -6


Roling Hills Elementary


Daniels -6    Hobbs -5&6    


Mundy Elementary School


Laffey -6


B. Gale Wilson K-8 School

Ix -6        Vanwort -6

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