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Distance Learning Resources

We're excited to offer digital resources to help you during this time. Our distance learning program offers live visits to your virtual classroom as well as materials you can organize and assign as needed. 

Parents and caregivers, please click here.

A class watches a virtual Enviroscape lesson
A virtual water lesson includes a watershed demonstration.

We've taken our K-12 School Water Education Program's "Solano County Water" lesson digital with two 25-minute, interactive virtual classroom visits. We'll schedule two times that you're meeting with your students digitally and pop in on those visits.

We'll help students follow their water from "source to sink," investigate water-related phenomena at home, figure out sources of pollution, and think about how they can be good stewards of their watershed. 

Email  to schedule your SWEP Live virtual lessons. 

Watershed Explorers

Explorers prepare to net pond life to observe.Explorers prepare to net pond life to observe.Spring 2020

We're offering students ways to explore their watershed from home. We have broken our Watershed Explorers program into five easy topics. With each topic there are short videos featuring our program staff, shared pages from the program's student journal, and links to additional resources for further exploration. Watershed Explorers is traditionally offered to third graders but anyone is welcome to use these resources. 


Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

WE1 7Students take in the view of part of their watershed.If students are still not permitted to take field trips, we’re planning to offer a virtual Watershed Explorers program. We will have our educators on site streaming LIVE with small groups of students, exploring and problem solving digitally. Check back for more information or email us at

  • Click here to preview the resources.

  • Email g to receive a Google Drive link to the program content.

  • Click here to see the program's standards correlation for third grade.

We'd also be more than happy to schedule a quick virtual chat with you and your students to talk about the activities and get everyone excited to become a Watershed Explorer.



Student holding up a journal pageA student holds up their observation notes.Students can join us every #WatershedWednesday from 10AM-10:45AM for an open virtual class with students from across Solano County.  

No Upcoming Events - Stay Tuned 


Coming soon!

We'd love to hear about or see what your students are doing and learning from our distance learning programs.

Please encourage students and their families to upload student creations or activities (pictures, videos, graphics, poetry, nature journals, stories or essays, other forms of art, or even just a comment) by clicking here.


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