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Benicia Water Education Program

Solano Resource Conservation District in partnership with the City of Benicia bring to you the Benicia Water Education Program.


The Benicia Water Education Program engages fourth and fifth grade students from Benicia, California, in exploring their local watershed. Students understand where their drinking water comes from, where their storm and wastewater goes, and how to be good stewards of their water resources.

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  • Students observe the Benicia Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Benicia students make observations at Lake Herman.

  • Students explore the treatment plant lab.

  • Benicia Water: Source to Sink

    • Find out how water gets from its source to your sink.

    • Discover all three of Benicia's drinking water sources.

    • Learn how to save water and keep it healthy for everyone.


    Where does Benicia's tap water come from?

    Drinking Water Sources

    We use water in different ways every day, such as to cook, wash the dishes, and brush our teeth - just to name a few. Have you ever wondered how water gets to your house and where exactly it is coming from? Learn about which river, lake, and canal your water travels through as we discuss “Source to Sink” - where the water is coming from and how it gets to your home.

    The Treatment Process

    Benicia's drinking water comes from Lake Berryessa, the Sacramento River, or Lake Herman. Before it is delivered to your home and to other places in your community, the water has to be treated first. Learn how Benicia's water is made clean and safe for use at the Benicia Water Treatment Plant.

    + Student Activities


    • How Much Water in the World?

      How Much Water in the World?

      Map out and calculate the amount of freshwater, saltwater, and frozen fresh water available on the planet.

      Time: 1 hour
      Source: Mystery Science 

      See the Activity

      Photo Credit: Mystery Science

    • The Water Treatment Plant

      The Water Treatment Plant

      Learn how water is filtered at a water treatment plant.

      Time: 5 minutes
      Source: PBS Learning 

      See the Activity

      Photo Credit: US EPA

  • Benicia to the Bay: Wastewater

    • Discover what happens at the Benicia wastewater treatment plant.

    • Learn from treatment plant technicians and scientists. 

    • See science in action at the treatment plant's testing lab.

    • See first-hand how wastewater is made safe for the environment.

    Take a tour of Benicia's wastewater treatment plant.

    The water you use inside your home took a long journey to get there - it came from the Sacramento River, Lake Berryessa, or Lake Herman and then was treated for safe use. After we use that water in our homes, it flows down the drain - but where does it go from there? 

    Learn how wastewater, or the water you use inside your home, is cleaned at the Benicia Wastewater Treatment Plant and made safe enough to be released back into Benicia's watershed: the Carquinez Strait.


    + Student Activities


    • Mini Wastewater Treatment Plant

      Mini Wastewater Treatment Plant

      See how others have made their own wastewater treatment plant filter, and see if you can come up with ideas on how to make your own.

      Time: 1 hour
      Source: Tech Engineering

      See the Activity

      Photo Credit: Tech Engineering


  • Lake Herman: A Special Place

    • Lake Herman is Benicia's backup water supply.

    • It is also home to many types of wildlife who depend on it.

    • Lake Herman is habitat to many types of fish.

    • Take a walk from Community Park to Lake Herman.

    • Learn how to protect Benicia's waterways.

    What is Lake Herman and why is it important?

    Lake Herman is just over the hill from the Benicia Community Park. Enjoy walking trails, a view of Sulphur Spring Creek, and a reservoir - or man-made lake - that serves as part of the city's water system. 

    We'll explore the reservoir together and discover how different animals need safe, pollution-free water, just like people

    + Student Activities


    • Water Carries Everything

      Water Carries Everything

      Find out why it is important to protect our waterways from pollution.

      Time: 5-10 minutes
      Source: PBS Plum Landing

      See the Activity

      Photo Credit: Solano RCD

    • Water Pollution

      Water Pollution

      Explore how pollution impacts all living creatures, including us. Create a concept map, play games, and watch a video about why it is important to protect water.

      Time: 30 minutes
      Source: BrainPop

      See the Activity

      Photo Credit: Solano RCD

    • Do It Yourself - Lake Science

      Do It Yourself - Lake Science

      Learn about freshwater ecosystems with hands-on investigations inside and outside the home.

      Time: 30-60 minutes
      Source: Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley

      See the Activity

      Photo Credit: Solano RCD


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