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watershed-banner Welcome to the Watershed April 2018 Hedgerow Workshp Day

Welcome to the Watershed

watershed-01 Tabling at Community College Earth Day
Our Welcome to the Watershed program educates Solano County residents about locally-relevant conservation issues. This on-going program was started in 2008 with support from the Solano County Water Agency, Solano Irrigation District, and the CA Department of Conservation's Watershed Coordinator Program. Through the program, Solano RCD staff provide information on water and soil conservation, native wildlife habitat, flood preparation, urban gardens, and agricultural and rangeland stewardship.

The program has four main components:

Welcome to the Watershed Kits are available to all Solano County residents. Kits include our Welcome to the Watershed Directory of conservation resources; Ready for the Flood Manuals; educational brochures; and water conservation tools including low-flow shower heads, hose nozzles, irrigation timers, sink aerators.

watershed-02 Welcome to the Watershed January 2018 Volunteer Day Educational workshops are held each year to provide hands-on demonstrations of conservation practices. Topics have included drip irrigation, backyard composting, replacing lawns with drought tolerant landscaping, and more.

Tabling at Environmental Events enables Solano RCD staff to connect county residents with conservation resources.

Volunteer events bring together community volunteers to assist with planting, irrigation, and weeding at our native vegetation restoration sites. Volunteers learn about native plantings and practices and also receive Welcome to the Watershed kits.

For more information please contact Solano RCD Project Manager: Andrea Mummert Puccini (707) 678 - 1655 ext. 112

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