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Several groups came out Saturday to the Suisun City Marina for a few hours of work to help clear the area.

The goal was to clean up the area’s watersheds and waterways, emptying them of trash from as far away as Lake Berryessa to the creeks in Fairfield, Suisun City and Vacaville for California Coastal Cleanup Day. The day saw more than 28,000 pounds of trash and recyclables collected.

Amcor Rigid Plastics, which has a facility in Fairfield, has organized the Suisun City Marina cleanup for the past three years.

Lina Diaz of Fairfield, who works for Amcor, brought both her daughters out again this year to help. One of her daughters, Gabby Diaz, brought out two bicycles minus the tires. The younger Diaz said she plans to give the trash new life with some lights and clips.

“I’m going to use this as a frame to hang my pictures off of,” Gabby Diaz said.

Lina Diaz agreed to let her keep it – provided some conditions are met.

“She has to clean it before it comes inside the house,” Lina Diaz said.

They have been rolling up their sleeves and putting on gloves for a few hours of cleanup in the marshlands for two years.

“It is a good activity for the girls,” Lina Diaz said.

California Coastal Cleanup Day for the past 32 years has brought out the best in people who come together to help clean up waterways that flow near and through cities and towns. It’s a three-hour push that happens the third Saturday of September and is designed not only to clean trash from local waterways, but to educate people about the significance of those waterways.

Several sites were marked along creeks for cleanup, including American Canyon Creek, Beldens Landing, Hill Slough, Laurel Creek, Ledgewood Creek, McCoy Creek, Serpas Ranch Open Space, Upper Dan Wilson Creek, Lower Union Creek and the Suisun City boat ramp.

Yaneivi Williams, human resource coordinator for Amcor, said they pulled out about 60 bags of trash this time.

“We try to recycle things if we can,” she said.

A handful of dedicated Solano Land Trust volunteers were picking up trash along Grizzly Island Road. It was the fifth year the land trust has come out to clean up.

“We had a few more people last year,” said Jordan Knippenberg of the land trust.

Knippenberg started his day an hour before anyone else and planned to stay longer.

“Some of us will put on waders and go into the marsh and pull out the bigger stuff like washers,” he said.

Some members of the Solano Community College girls softball team joined three Solano Land Trust staff members and two volunteers to help clear the area of debris.

“Our goal is to reach out to the community and help out,” said Nikki Gentile, the team’s coach.

The team picks a new project each month at which to volunteer.

“I wanted to find something where not many people had signed up, and this had only one person signed up,” Gentile said.

The most prolific thing they found was cigarette butts.

“I stopped counting at 75,” Gentile said. “It’s so beautiful out here. You would think people would have more respect.”

There is a $1,000 fine for littering in the Suisun Marsh. There aren’t any signs posted, but that is the fine, Knippenberg said.

“I have asked that the county put signs out but have been referred back to contacting the police for a letter of request for it,” he said.

The area, he said, was better than in the years past when they cleaned up the Hill Slough area.

The next countywide campaign is the Solano County Earth Day Cleanup that’s scheduled April 20, 2019. Those who wish to volunteer may call Marianne Butler at the Solano Resource Conservation District at 678-1655, ext. 114.

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