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Useful information we couldn't fit in the book

Solano County OUTDOOR Guide cover image-72 dpiClick the image above for a pdf file of the guide with clickable linksThe Solano County OUTDOORS! Guide contains information about 10 parks and open space areas you can visit with friends and family.  It provides a description of each park, including lists of resident wildlife and plants, resources where you can find more information about the parks, resources for getting the most out of your time outdoors, a puzzle and a game. There's a lot of information in a small package!

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In the the guide, URLs to links for more information are written out, for you to type into your browser. If you click on the image of the  Guide cover to the left, it will open as a downloadable pdf file.  You can download the pdf to your computer desktop, or you can scroll through the document on line.  All the links to additional information are live in the pdf, so they'll take you to other websites with more information when you click them, either from your own desktop or from our website.

3 girls w guide at RRFor even more information about the guide and ways to enjoy parklands in the county, click on the links below:

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Ten free apps for your smart phone to help you get outdoors   

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Tell us about your experiences outdoors!

Do you have a favorite hike in Solano County?  How about a go-to park for your family?  Share your great finds with other Solano County OUTDOORS! users: email us at , with a description of your hike, and a photo if you have one.

Tell us what went well on your visit, what you found challenging, and anything else you think would be useful to other park explorers. We'll post your pics and tips here, to help others explore and enjoy our County's great parks and open spaces.

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