Conservation Planning

The goal of conservation planning is to engage in a process that results in the landowner having a better understanding of the soils, vegetation, and hydrology on their property. Conservation planning is a great way to get a baseline assessment that outlines resource concerns and informs the landowner of avenues for implementing work or managing the back forty in a different way to address those concerns.

SRCD staff Solano Co Rancher Conservation PlanningSolano RCD staff working with a Solano County Rancher to address water conservation and other management concernsOur current funding allows us to provide conservation planning services to all Solano residents who own property of more than one acre, with a program focus on the agricultural producer, hobby farmer, and rural resident.  As part of the planning process, RCD staff will provide information about funding opportunities that support landowners? conservation goals? helping to build connections to Solano RCD programs as well as those of our partners from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other state, federal and local agencies.

Solano RCD has provided conservation planning for many years. Until recently, efforts were focused in the District, and funded by our County tax base.  Over the past 10 years, Solano RCD's conservation planning service has expanded to include the majority of the County as a result of grants awarded to District, including large programmatic grants from the Department of Conservation Watershed Coordinator Program; smaller targeted programs like the Solano County Water Agency?s Small Grants Flood Program, and most recently, the Migratory Bird Initiative Program funded by the Natural Resource Conservation Service.  Each of these programs have allowed us to reach out to more people throughout more of the County, helping us to work with landowners to create a healthier landscape for Solano County residents and wildlife.

If you are ready to do some conservation planning on your land, call the RCD at 707-678-1655 x 101

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