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Petrolia, the Used Oil Avenger

Petrolia in costume grey bkrnd webPetrolia the Used Oil Avenger is settling into work in Solano County. She has been working with students in every city, sharing her comic books and ideas to help protect our local watersheds. 

Petrolia began her superhero career on the East Coast. When she was just a small drop of oil, Petrolia was involved in a huge oil spill in the Chesapeake Bay that killed thousands of sea birds. 

Petrolia was horrified that people were so careless with oil, and vowed to make a difference. She started out small, stopping people from pouring their old oil down storm drains and teaching them that oil can always be recycled.

Although other superheroes are better known, Petrolia has quietly been keeping used oil out of the environment, protecting untold thousands of animals, plants and people. Bilgee (who works with Solano RCD at Lake Berryessa to help keep engine fluids out of the lake) met Petrolia several years ago at a Super Heroes conference in Colorado.  He conviced Petrolia to move to Solano County to help him protect lakes, creeks and streams.

Together, Bilgee and Petrolia are helping you protect Solano County's waterways. 



Click the book covers below to read Petrolia's adventure comics!

Petrolia Comic Book edition 1 Cover  Petrolia Comic Volume 2 cover




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