Suisun Marsh Watershed & Wetland

Education Program


Solano County Water Agency, Solano County Department of Resource Management and Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District fund the RCD’s sixth grade Suisun Marsh Watershed & Wetland Education Program. This field trip-based program is focused on a discreet, special watershed to develop participant understanding of:

  • the impacts of storm water on their watershed, particularly the impacts of oil, chemicals and human debris;
  • the concept of a watershed;  
  • the source of their drinking water;
  • the threats to Suisun Marsh and the solutions to those threats.

SM- girl w gogglesStudents prepare with three in-class lessons about the characteristics of a watershed, the affects of storm water pollution on our creeks, marsh, and ocean. Students study the geography of Solano County and the Suisun Marsh Watershed with various types of maps, and learn about native and non-native plants and animals, culminating in a poster session presentation of student research.

All this leads to full-day field triip to Rush Ranch Nature Center, where student rotate through three hands-on learning stations covering the marsh's soil, water, and plants. After lunch, students take a nature hike through the Rush Ranch property, during which they will write poetry about their field trip experience. Back in the classroom, a fourth in-class lesson teaches students about marine debris and their role in its creation and management.

This year, in response to California's brutal 3-year drought, our program will be increasing its focus on water conservation.  Students will learn about reasons and strategies for water conservation- in their homes and at school.  All students will participate in an at-home water conservation challenge, where they and their families will use the water conservation strategies taught in class to reduce family water use. We'll be tracking water use reductions by classroom on the website, and we encourage everyone to take the water conservation challenge. 

SM-3 girls w teacher in field

 Teachers can also arrange a class tour of the North Bay Regional Water Treatment Plant, to learn more about the connection between source water and their household water taps.

The Suisun Marsh Program runs from mid-August through December of each year.
Registration is limited. For more information about this program, or any of Solano RCD’s other educational offerings, contact Education Program Manager Marianne Butler at 567-674-5611 or .

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