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Job Opportunity

Solano RCD is hiring a full time Restoration Project Manager. Check the job listing and download a position description and application instructions here.

 Lyme Disease Informational Meeting

Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 10 a.m. to noon
Solano County Administration Center, 675 Texas Street,
6th Floor, Room 6003, Fairfield, CA 94533

This free informational meeting is offered by Solano County Resource Conservation District in conjunction with Bay Area Lyme Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to making Lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure. Come learn the facts about Lyme disease in California, including information about ticks, tick-bite prevention, creating tick-safe home environments, symptoms and more. The flier for this meeting can be downloaded here.

To register, or for more information. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lake Berryessa and Rio Vista Boater Focus Group Report

Now Available! In May of this year, Solano RCD, in partnership with the Solano County Department of Resource Management, conducted a focus group to investigate boater opinions about oil recycling behaviors at Lake Berryessa and Rio Vista. The focus group was held in the Vacaville Public Library Cultural Center’s meeting room from 6-7:30 pm on Monday, May 18, with 13 Solano County boaters participated in a discussion of 9 questions about their knowledge of used oil management and specific practices they used as boaters. The focus group concept was proposed in a CalRecycle Competitive Used Oil Grant application to help inform boater outreach and education efforts around oil recycling at Lake Berryessa and Rio Vista.  

You can download a summary or full report about this focus group by clicking the blue links.

Solano County 2015 Coastal Cleanup a success

Rio Vista 4-H club-webRio Vista 4-H CubSaturday, September 19, 2015: 2,452 Solano County volunteers took part in the 31st iteration of the State-wide Coastal Cleanup event at 60 sites across the county and at three sites at Lake Berryessa. Solano County volunteers joined more than 60,000 Californians across the state, giving up three hours of their time to make the waterways of our state cleaner and healthier. The effort is part of an international cleanup effort to protect the world’s oceans from harmful debris entering from local beaches, waterways, and inland areas.

The volunteers enjoyed bright blue skies and warm temperatures on a beautiful late-summer day. Solano County volunteers worked from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm to remove a total of 29,638 pounds of trash and 5,916 pounds of recyclables from waterways across the County. 79 miles of neighborhood parks, hiking trails, bridges, creeks, and lakes are cleaner because of those efforts. 17 of the County’s clean up sites were “Zero Waste” sites, meaning the Cleanup event generated no trash of its own. To make that happen, over 1,000 volunteers brought their own reusable equipment to the event. At all sites, volunteers collected buckets full of plastic bags, food wrappers, and cigarette butts while heavy lifters removed tires and large appliances.

City Hope-Ledgewood Creek webCity Hope Fairfield volunteers cleaning up at the Fairfield Lower Ledgewood site behind Home DepotCity Hope Fairfield provided the labor at a site they’ve been working on for several years on lower Ledgewood Creek. The site borders on a long-term homeless encampment, and the non-profit, faith-based community organization works hand-in-hand with the Fairfield Police Department to provide ongoing cleanup support to the site. Police Officer Joe Uchishiba works closely with the homeless population at the site, providing guidance and support to help people deal with the problems that led to their homelessness. There is good rapport between the encampment population and the volunteers, who participate in several cleanups each year.  Many times they are joined by homeless folks in their efforts.  City Hope Fairfield’s mission is “Hope for every street.”  Volunteer Justin Nunes said “This is our third year at the Coastal Cleanup Day event. Our goal is to bestow love on the city and restore hope to Fairfield. This is one of the areas that the homeless visit. We try to come three to four times year to clean it up.”

BEnicia High School-webBenicia High Cleanup team after a morning’s work tackling trash on the hills behind Benicia. A group of Benicia High School students spent their morning cleaning up in the hills above Benicia. Student Joseph Rieder reported “Our group found an old typewriter, four tires, two signs, a dead deer and two toilets.”  One of his buddies added “This town needs our help and we like the extra credit.”

At Lake Berryessa there were three cleanup sites at Steele Canyon, under the Pope Creek bridge and Markley Cove. With the help of 93 volunteers and staff, they focused both on the shoreline and in the water itself.  The volunteer team at the Pope Creek bridge site consisted of two dive teams and one kayak team. Nine Lake Berryessa Outreach interns worked the cleanup, as well as being on hand at 5:30 in the morning to screen boats for the invasive quagga and zebra mussels - another threat to our waterways.

Steele Canyon -webDebris removed from Lake Berryessa’s Steele Canyon site. Steele Canyon Intern Volunteer Daniel Jara reported “CCD at Steele was quite successful this year with the Bureau of Reclamation and Solano Resource Conservation District working together to make the event happen. Both the Monticello Ski Club and various community members came out to the lake to help with the cleanup. In addition to the normal trash, large amounts of steel cable and other large metal fixtures were pulled from the lake. Much of this is stuff has only recently been exposed as a result of Berryessa's low water levels. In all, 24 volunteers helped to remove about 3,432 pounds of trash and 141 pounds of recyclable materials from Lake Berryessa.

benicia boat launch GSs-webGirl Scout Troop 20007 Cleanup team after a morning at the Suisun Boat Launch site.“We had a great turn out this year,” said Marianne Butler of the Solano RCD, who serves as Solano County’s Coastal Cleanup Day Coordinator. “People show up on Coastal Cleanup day and just get to the job at hand to make the Cleanup effort a success. We cleaned four more miles this year than last year, even though our participant counts were down a little” Butler enthuses about the hardworking Solano County residents who got up early on a Saturday morning to clean up their watershed. “The volunteers always amaze me with their hard work and great attitudes. Everything that needs clean water to thrive–people, plants and wildlife–is in better shape because of what these volunteers did today. Everything that was picked up will now never be able to pollute the ocean, and that’s a huge contribution.”

vallejo maritime kidsCalifornia Maritime Cadets in Vallejo.Today’s volunteers’ efforts made a real difference to the watersheds they live in, clearing trash from creeks and waterways to improve habitat for wildlife and making those places safer for recreation and exploration. Narcisa Untal, Solano County’s Senior Integrated Waste Management Planner was pleased with the number of zero waste sites, and the huge increase in the number of volunteers who came equipped with their own reusable clean up equipment.  “It’s such a great feeling to do an event that people support so enthusiastically. We love to hear positive feedback from volunteers, but it’s even better when we see Solano County families, co-workers and children of all ages working together to make our County a better, healthier place to live” Both Butler and Untal are especially pleased that people support the zero waste site concept, and demonstrate that support by bringing reusable cleanup supplies from home. Untal concludes “We’re working really hard to make Solano County a cleaner and greener place.  Days like today are a huge incentive for that work.”

Enhanced ‘zero waste’ sites were sponsored by the various Solano County cities. The number of volunteers who brought their own reusable supplies continues to grow from last year.
Participation in the Solano County Cleanup continues to grow on the sponsorship side as well.  Business and Organization partner donations for the 2015 Clean up include: Starbucks in Dixon, Pure Grain in Vacaville, Home Depot in Vacaville, Home Depot in Fairfield, Moschetti coffee in Vallejo, Genentech, Solano County Water Agency, and Ace Hardware of Vacaville.

The local cleanup event is sponsored by the Cities and County of Solano and your local wastewater agency.